Wave Aquario 130XF is a Bey is owned by Gen,it is an Attack-Type Bey,it cannot destroy Immortal Titanium Reaper CX:DD,but still it has a powerful force which some Beys cannot hold it for so long.It was given by Zero as a special gift.R

Level: Bronze


  • Weight:50grams

The facbolt depicts Aquarius, the water bearer and one of the 88 constellations in space. The face looks like a vase pouring out water.

Energy Ring:Aquario

Aquario has 4 wave-like patterns in a navy blue color. It is one of the heaviest right spin Clear Wheels weighing 70grams. Aquario is a great choice in Attack combos.

Fusion Wheel:Wave

  • Weight:500grams

The Wave wheel has of three wing like forms.On the 3 like wing forms they look like Waves colored in Blue,it looks like the Storm wheel except the Waves on the Wings,it can transform to have Larger Waves on the wings to have greater Attack.

Spin Track:130

  • Weight:250grams

130 is rare Spin Track of high height. The only other tracks with a height of 130 are Shield 130 and Wing Attack 130. It is done in a pearl white color.

Performance Tip: Extreme Flat(XF)

  • Weight:100grams

As it's name states, XF is a variation of Flat however, XF is also the widest known Flat Performance Tip to date. WF (Wide Flat) was originally, until the release of XF.


{C Seeing as how XF is currently the widest-Flat to date, and being constructed of plastic, it allows XF for fast and aggressive movement; akin to RF and R2F. This thus, increases it's Attack potential with it's chaotic movement, albeit not being as fast as it's rubber variants, as they are made of rubber, and rubber creates more friction than plastic, making it much faster.

Being wide gives XF both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are a faster movement speed than WF, along with the most Stamina out of any Flat Tip, including WF, RF, and R2F. It's disadvantages however, are it's material. As it is plastic, it is not able to perform a flower-pattern as just in the case with WF and F, it will get out of it's flower pattern and begin to circle around the BeyStadium. One disadvantage can even be the power it holds. Even though it can retain furious movement, it can be hard to control and thus, fail in a battle. So Bladers should use XF in practice battles first, to make it more controllable.


If used correctly, XF can be a devastating Attack-Type Performance Tip. Although some Bladers may prefer to use RF or R2F over XF because of their faster speeds, some would prefer XF because XF has more Stamina and can attain more constant hits, whereas RF/R2F will stop spinning if it does not reach a successful hit as rubber provides low Stamina. This does not mean XF is better than RF or R2F though, as this is just an example. Overall, XF is an amazing Performance Tip for Attack-customs and is a must-have for Bladers who mainly use Attack-type Beys.